Subsidies KHB WiSe 19/20

We were finally able to finish processing the applications for  winter semester 19/20 for Kunsthochschule Weißensee and will send out your notifications this week. You should receive your subsidies within the month.

Please remember that you need to hand in your applications for summer semester 2020 by March 14!

Delayed payment of KHB subsidies

Due to problems communcating with their financial department, we’ve so far been unable to send out notifications or pay the subsidies for winter semester 2019/20 for KHB students. We’re doing what we can, but unfortunately we’re dependent on cooperation from the financial department and can’t finish processing the applications without it. Please be patient a little longer, and if you’re unable to pay your semester fees without the subsidy, please contact your matriculation office.

Please remember that applications for summer semester 2020 are still due by February 29 (or March 14 at the very latest).

Subsidies WiSe 19/20 and applications for SoSe 20

1.Due to technical problems the transfer of the winter semester subsidies has been delayed a little, but if everything goes according to plan from now on, you should receive your subsidies within the next 1-2 weeks. Applications that have been accepted after the regular application period (e.g. newly matriculated students) will be processed within the next month or so and you will receive individual notifications once your application is complete. For the KHB we’re still waiting for crucial information from their financial department, without which we can’t send out the notifications or payments – please be patient a little longer.

2.The application period for summer semester 2020 has begun and will run until 29.2.2020, with a grace period until 14.3. You can find the current application forms by our office and they will also be uploaded to the website soon (unfortunately there have also been unresolved technical issues here) – please check back later this month or pick up a form from the office.

Notifications for WiSe 19/20 have been sent

We printed the notifications about the results of you applications (HU students only) for winter semester 2019/20 yesterday, so depending on when the post department sends them out, you should receive them within the next week or so. Please check your mail and make sure that the bank account data on the notification are correct.

If you don’t receive a notification, one of the following might be the case:

– You’re a student at KHB. Notifications for KHB students will be sent out in January at the latest.

– You’re newly matriculated or handed in your application after the official deadline, or your application was on time, but we couldn’t finish it yet and put it aside instead of declining it, which we may opt to do in certain circumstances. These applications will be looked at in the coming weeks and you will receive your notifications separately.

– The notification letter got lost in the mail. Unfortunately that happens, but you will still receive your subsidy (either via bank transfer, or in cash from January on if you opted for that.)

Please remember that the new application period starts on January 1. You’ll find the new forms on our website or by our office after the end of the academic holidays. The application period ends February 29, with a grace period until March 14.


Subsidies SoSe19

Unfortunately there has been another technical problem due to which the subsidies have not been transferred yet. The problem is now fixed and you should receive your subsidies for summer semester 2019 around the beginning of next week. We apologise for the delay!

Please remember that applications for winter semester 2019/20 are due by July 31. (There’s a grace period of 14 days after that, but if you choose to use it, please try to make sure that your applications are complete with all necessary documents.)

Payment of subsidies for KHB

Dear applicants from KHB,

Due to administrative circumstances beyond our power, we are unable to send out the notifications and transfer the subsidies for summer semester 2019 on time. Please be patient a little longer, and if being able to pay your semester fees is a concern, please contact your matriculation office to ask for an extension of the deadline.

Also, please remember that applications for winter semester 2019/20 are due by the end of July, or August 14th including the extended deadline.

Begin of application period 2019/20

The new application period has begun and you can find the new forms here or at our office.

The application period ends July 31, with an extension of two weeks (August 14). If you make use of the extension, please try to include all the necessary supporting documents. Students newly matriculated at HU/KHB may apply in the first six weeks following matriculation.

End of the Application Period

The application period (including a two week grace period) ended on March 14th, 2019.

Now we only accept applications only in case of the following exceptions:

  • If you are newly enrolled in SoSe 19 (e.g. students in the first semester at Humboldt-University or first semester Master) please apply within six weeks after your enrolment.
  • In case of reasons that you are not responsible for (e.g. due to illness etc.). Sometimes it is necessary to enclose a proof with your application (e.g. doctor’s statement).

If you are unsure if one of the above applies to you or if/how you can prove either please do contact us personally or per telephone during our opening hours.

Late applications without any information about the reasons for the delay will be sent back.