Notifications SoSe 21

Dear all !

What lasts long…the notifications about your applications will be sent out by this week and the transfer for the subsidies will be instructed next week ! Whoop whoop ! Please refrain from further inquiries about the status of your application until then and keep in mind that it might take a few days for the money to be transferred to your bank accounts. Thanks for your patience and we wish you an amazing rest of the summer.


Semtix Crew

Status of applications SoSe 21

Dear applicants from HU, we’re currently finishing up processing your subsidy applications for SoSe 21. Due to Corona we’re still a little behind our usual schedule, but we’re currently expecting to send out the notifications by early August and transfer the subsidies shortly after. Should we run into any problems and take longer, we will keep you informed right here.

If you’re dependent on the subsidy for paying your semester fees, please make sure to contact the Immatrikulationsbüro before the end of the Rückmeldefrist (15.07.) to ask for an extension of the deadline, since otherwise you’d have to pay an extra fee.

KHB students, we are also working on finishing your applications, but due to some new procedures for handling the payment, we can’t say yet when you will receive your subsidies. We are very sorry and hope that once this has been figured out, things will run smoothly in the coming semesters.

WiSe 20/21 Weißensee

Dear applicants from KHB,

We were finally able to finish processing your applications for last semester, and today we sent out the notifications and handed the data for transferring the subsidies over to the financial department. We can’t tell you exactly how long it will take them to transfer your money, but expect it to be in your accounts within the next 3-4 weeks at the latest (and of course hopefully sooner). Thank you for your patience!

Still in emergency mode

Dear applicants,

We would like to remind you that due to the Corona measures we are still operating at a decreased capacity. Since not all of our work can be done from home, this means that for the past year we’ve had to do 100% of our normal work in ~25% of our normal time (in addition to other logistical issues), so of course by now we’re running behind on some things. We’d like to ask you to be patient with us and in particular not to ask about the status of current applications unless you have good reason to believe that something went wrong. Notifications about your summer semester 2021 applications will be sent out in July at the earliest, so please don’t worry if you’ve applied and haven’t heard back.

Of course we are still reachable via email and generally answer quickly. However, depending on the complexity of your case and on what else currently needs to be done, it might still take 2-3 weeks for us to reply in some cases. Please be patient.

Due to the circumstances it’s currently difficult to reach us via phone. Please write an email instead, if possible.

Thank you!

Subsidies for KHB

Dear KHB students, unfortunately we are still waiting to hear from the financial department about info necessary for finishing up the subsidies for WiSe 20/21. We are as frustrated as you are at this point, but there is nothing we can do if they don’t answer – so please be patient a little longer.

Subsidies (WiSe 20/21) for KHB students

Due to the increasing number of inquiries, here’s an update for students at Kunsthochschule Weißensee: we are overall done processing your applications for WiSe 20/21, but unfortunately we are still waiting to hear back from the financial department, without whose input we can’t proceed to calculate and pay out the subsidies. We know it’s frustrating and that many of you depend on the subsidies, but unfortunately we can’t currently give you a time frame for when payments will be made. As soon as we’ve got the information, we’ll let you know!

Please remember that you still need to hand in your applications for summer semester 2021 in time, even if you haven’t received a notification for the previous semester yet. Applications are due March 31st.

Payout for WiSe 20/21 – Update

Update 02/25/2021: We have just sent out the notifications for winter semester 2020/21 and hope you will receive your subsidiary by the beginning of next week.

We’re getting ahead with the payout for WiSe 20/21. We’re planning to send the decisions next week and to disburse the subsidies by the end of February. If your bank information has changes since your WiSe application (i.e. in the last ~6 month), please send us your new information vie email until Tuesday, the 23rd of February. In case of old/wrong bank information, your payment would be delayed by several weeks.

State of the subsidiaries winter semester 20/21

Dear students,

the financial administration of Humboldt-University is currently in the middle of a major change in their system. After three years of preparations, the implementation of the new SAP-system started at the 1st of January 2021. For further information, see:

This change also affects us, the Semtix, as well as all of the RefRat. We’re in contact with the responsible parties of the HU, with which we’re working on a solution to realize the payments for the WiSe20/21 applications. At the same time, we’re working hard on the last WiSe20/21 applications. Unfortunately, the re-registration deadline for SoSe21 (the 15th of February) is getting closer but we can’t yet say if we’ll be able to instruct the payments before that, or if the money will be on your account in time. Due to the SAP-changes and the corona-situation it seems to be unlikely.

If you can’t pay or borrow money for the semester fees for SoSe21, you may contact the enrollment office in time (before the deadline ends!) and ask for an extension of the deadline. The enrollment office is oftentimes accommodating and can grant such an extension.
If that doesn’t work and you are about to be ex-matriculated, you can write us or the Sozialreferat ( for help.

We’ll keep you updated here on the website.

What can you do?

  • The applications for the SoSe21 may now be handed in. Please send us your complete applications, signed, including all proofs and documents, merged into a single pdf file. (You can merge files here:
  • Please refrain from inquiries like “When will you pay out the subsidies? When will I receive my letter about the status of my application?” We’ll inform you about any changes and updates on our website and can focus on working more efficient with less such inquiries.

Thank you. We wish you lots of strength and endurance for those times.

State of WiSe 20/21 applications

Dear applicants, we are currently finishing up the subsidy applications for winter semester 20/21. However, due to major technical changes at HU we’re facing some complications regarding the way we usually transfer the subsidies. Since resolving these issues requires cooperation from several departments, we can’t say for sure when exactly we will be able to transfer the subsidies this time, and we will not send out notifications until we can tell when to expect your money. So please have a little more patience, we’re hoping to find a solution in January.

We’re also still processing the KHB applications, you will also hear from us in January.

Applications forms for summer semester 2021 will be uploaded on our “forms” page in early January, as usual. Please do not use winter semester forms for summer semester applications!

We wish you happy holidays and a great new year!


Contact and state of applications for WiSe 20/21

As we’re receiving increased inquiries about the current applications: we’re currently processing the applications for winter semester 2020/21 as usual and unless lockdown measures are tightened again we should be able to send out the notifications about subsidies by mid to late December – just like every winter semester. Please refrain from asking about the state of applications individually, since that just costs us time that would be better spent working on your applications.

Also, please note that we are still unable to offer in-person consultations. In particular, we only use our office in Adlershof for a very limited time during a normal semester and not at all since Corona measures started. Until we can open our office to the public again, we will NOT be in Adlershof and any mail dropped at the office there will most likely not reach us – please stick to email, post or the mailbox at our office in Mitte (if you’re allowed to enter the HU building).

We also continue to have limited access to our main office, so please understand that it’s also hard to reach us via phone even during normal office hours. If at all possible, please send us an email and we’ll reply as fast as possible.