Job Offer

The Semtix is looking for a new colleague for 60 hours per month as of April 01, 2023. The deadline for applications is February 27, 2023. For details, please read the job advertisement.

We are looking forward to your applications!

WiSe22/23 Payments

Update 21.02.23:
We just learned that apparently there were some technical difficulties regarding the payment at the HU cashiers, hence why – unfortunately – the payouts are delayed.
We’re very sorry to inform you that we can’t currently give an accurate assessment as to when the granted subsidies will be transferred to your account.

We have issued the payment orders for the WiSe22/23 subsidies to the cashier this week, so you should receive the subsidies within the next week. Until then, please do not send us emails asking about the payments.

All grants for applications that we received after the regular deadline (e. g., for newly enrolled students at that time) will be processed and issued over the course of the next few weeks.

Also: Be sure to send us your applications for SoSe23 before the deadline! :)