Updated: Deutschlandsemesterticket FAQs

Dear Students,

Here are some updated FAQs regarding the Deutschlandsemesterticket:

At this point, we would also like to refer you to the FAQ on the Deutschlandsemesterticket from the BVG. Common questions are also answered there. It can be found at the bottom of the website, where you can see your Deutschlandsemesterticket, under “Help and Support”.

1. Where can I find the link to the Deutschlandsemesterticket?

Here: https://abo.ride-ticketing.de/app/login?partnerId=9938e5dc337a27def5578b08e6a0a476

2. The message “no active tickets” appears and I don’t see a Deutschlandsemesterticket.

Are you sure that you are entitled to the Deutschlandsemesterticket? The following groups of people are not entitled to a ticket and are excluded from using the Deutschlandsemesterticket:
– Doctoral students
– Students on certificate, supplementary, additional and postgraduate programmes
– Students on distance learning programmes
– Students on continuing education Master’s programmes
– Students on leave of absence
– Part-time students with a workload of 25%

If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please contact Student Services.

3. I am not entitled to the Deutschlandsemesterticket. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, you have to buy a ticket yourself. Maybe you work and can get a job ticket through your employer. Otherwise, you should compare BVG offers and the Deutschlandticket.

Your re-registration fees should have been around €114. If you have paid €290 and are not entitled to the ticket, please contact Student Services.

4. How do I pay for the Deutschlandsemesterticket?

The price for the Deutschlandsemesterticket is €176.40 and was already included in the re-registration fees. This means that you have already paid for the Deutschlandsemesterticket when you paid your re-registration fees.

5. The error message “Incorrect data”/”No offer” appears.

Did you agree to your data being transmitted in full when you registered? If you have deselected individual attributes, such as authorisation status and/or date of birth, the ticket cannot be issued.
You must therefore give your full consent to the transfer of data.

To do this, you must log in to the site again (change browser or delete cookies if necessary) and tick the box “Reset declaration of consent” under the field where you log in with your AGNES data.  You can then select again which data should be transmitted. Here you select that all data should be transmitted.

If you are still unable to access the ticket after this, please contact us.

6. Is my CampusCard still my semester ticket?

The CampusCard does NOT include the Deutschlandsemesterticket and does not serve as proof that you have a semester ticket. The Deutschlandsemesterticket is a purely digital wallet or web ticket and must be presented digitally and in combination with an official ID during checks.

7. I do not have a smartphone

The Deustchlandsemesterticket is a purely digital wallet or web ticket and must also be presented digitally in combination with an official photo ID.

Theoretically, it should also be possible to save the ticket in a wallet on a tablet or laptop.

Further questions can be found in the FAQ about the Deutschlandsemesterticket in the “Help and Support” section below under the link that also leads to the Deutschlandsemesterticket.

8. I get an error message saying that my account already exists and i cannot access my ticket.

Please write an e-mail to oeko@refrat.hu-berlin.de and we will send you a contact you can contact to solve the problem.

9. I don’t like the ticket, can i return it?

No, unfortunately you can’t. The semester ticket is a solidarity model ticket.  This means that all students pay the price together so that the service is significantly cheaper for everyone.

An application-based exemption from the obligation to purchase the ticket is only possible for the following groups of students:
– Severely disabled students who are entitled to transport in accordance with SGB IX and can prove that they are in possession of the supplementary sheet to their severely disabled pass and the corresponding token
– Students who can prove with a medical certificate that they are unable to use the semester ticket for health reasons
– Students who spend at least three consecutive months of the respective semester outside the area of validity of the Deutschlandsemesterticket due to their studies, a practical semester, a semester abroad or as part of their final thesis
– Students who are enrolled at another university in Germany and already receive the Deutschlandsemesterticket through this university.