Reimbursement update

Dear all,
unfortunately, we could only issue the payment of your subsidies by Tuesday this week. We’re very sorry for the delay. The money should be on your accounts by the end of next week the latest.
In case you informed us about your new IBAN/bank account after the 10th of August, we’ll probably have issued the payment to your old account, so it’d take some time for the money to come back. We’ll then have to re-issue the payment manually. So it would take a bit longer, but you’ll get the subsidy nonetheless.
Until the end of next week, please refrain from further personal inquiries about the status of your payment.

Best regards,
Your Semtix crew

Application deadline

Please note: the deadline for application for winter semester 2021/22 ended on August 14. From now on we can only accept applications from newly matriculated students (up to six weeks after matriculation) or if there was a good reason for applying late, such as being sick or absent from Berlin during the application period.

If you’re newly matriculated, please check the box at the top of the application form. If you had a reason for applying late, please send a brief explanation as well as documents supporting your claim (if possible) along with your application, and we will discuss whether it can still be accepted.

Notifications for KHB

A note regarding the notifications: while the ones for HU were sent out last week, unfortunately the KHB is once again taking longer for reasons outside of our control. Please be patient some more and don’t forget to send your applications for WiSe 21/22 until August 14th at the latest. Thank you!

Notifications SoSe 21

Dear all !

What lasts long…the notifications about your applications will be sent out by this week and the transfer for the subsidies will be instructed next week ! Whoop whoop ! Please refrain from further inquiries about the status of your application until then and keep in mind that it might take a few days for the money to be transferred to your bank accounts. Thanks for your patience and we wish you an amazing rest of the summer.


Semtix Crew