Status of applications SoSe 21

Dear applicants from HU, we’re currently finishing up processing your subsidy applications for SoSe 21. Due to Corona we’re still a little behind our usual schedule, but we’re currently expecting to send out the notifications by early August and transfer the subsidies shortly after. Should we run into any problems and take longer, we will keep you informed right here.

If you’re dependent on the subsidy for paying your semester fees, please make sure to contact the Immatrikulationsbüro before the end of the Rückmeldefrist (15.07.) to ask for an extension of the deadline, since otherwise you’d have to pay an extra fee.

KHB students, we are also working on finishing your applications, but due to some new procedures for handling the payment, we can’t say yet when you will receive your subsidies. We are very sorry and hope that once this has been figured out, things will run smoothly in the coming semesters.