Payments WiSe 21/22, delayed responses to mails, KHB

Dear applicants, here are a few infos regarding the current state of your applications:

Payments WiSe 21/22

We sent the subsidies for WiSe 21/22 to the Kasse this week, so if nothing goes wrong you should receive the money around next week. If you applied after the regular application period (e.g. due to being newly matriculated), your application will be processed and the subsidy paid out in the coming weeks.

Delayed responses to e-mails

Due to receiving a lot of e-mails and post at the end of the application period, combined with a staff shortage, we are currently very behind on answering e-mails and hard to reach via phone. Please refrain from any non-essential questions (e.g. whether we received your application) for the next 1-2 weeks, in order to give us a chance to check all the mails that are already there and enter all applications into our database. Thank you!

State of WiSe 21/22 applications for KHB

The subsidies for SoSe 21 should have been paid by now. Since that took so much longer than it should have, and we are currently short on staff, the payments for WiSe 21/22 will also be delayed a little, but we’re working on it and hope to send out the notifications by the end of April. Hopefully from next semester on we’ll then be able to get back to our usual rhythm. Thank you for your patience!