Still in emergency mode

Dear applicants,

We would like to remind you that due to the Corona measures we are still operating at a decreased capacity. Since not all of our work can be done from home, this means that for the past year we’ve had to do 100% of our normal work in ~25% of our normal time (in addition to other logistical issues), so of course by now we’re running behind on some things. We’d like to ask you to be patient with us and in particular not to ask about the status of current applications unless you have good reason to believe that something went wrong. Notifications about your summer semester 2021 applications will be sent out in July at the earliest, so please don’t worry if you’ve applied and haven’t heard back.

Of course we are still reachable via email and generally answer quickly. However, depending on the complexity of your case and on what else currently needs to be done, it might still take 2-3 weeks for us to reply in some cases. Please be patient.

Due to the circumstances it’s currently difficult to reach us via phone. Please write an email instead, if possible.

Thank you!

Subsidies for KHB

Dear KHB students, unfortunately we are still waiting to hear from the financial department about info necessary for finishing up the subsidies for WiSe 20/21. We are as frustrated as you are at this point, but there is nothing we can do if they don’t answer – so please be patient a little longer.