Subsidies SoSe 15

We sent out the notifications for summer semester 2015! If you applied during the regular application period you should receive the notification within the next couple of days. Please check the bank details and notify us asap if there are errors or changes!

If you applied belatedly (e.g. newly matriculated students): please be patient a little longer, your application is still being processed.

As always, it will take around two weeks until the subsidies will be transfered, so if you depend on them for paying your semester fees, please make sure to contact the immatriculation office before July 15 to get an extension on the deadline and avoid paying late fees.

Please also remember to hand in your applications for winter semester 2015/16 before the end of July!


Notifications for SoSe 15

Please note that we are planning to send out the notifications about the subsidies for summer semester 2015 in the week starting June 22. So if you applied and haven’t heard from us yet: please don’t worry and be patient a little longer, you should receive your notification by the end of the month.

Please also remember that the application period for WiSe 15/16 started and that you can apply even though you haven’t received the latest notification yet. You can also apply if you haven’t paid your semester fees yet.