IMPORTANT: Subsidies in cash

Due to technical difficulties we won’t be able to hand out the Auszahlungsanordnungen for cash subsidies at the date given in the notifications. You will be able to pick them up at our office from January 4th instead.

Notifications WiSe 16/17

We handed over the notification letters for WiSe 16/17 to the Poststelle on Friday, so they should arrive in the next couple of days. Notifications for students of KHB have been sent out as well. Applicants that were late or didn’t complete their supporting documents yet (e.g. newly matriculated students, belated applications) will be notified as their applications are completed and processed.

Applicants who wanted to receive their subsidies in cash will be able to pick up the forms for the Kasse at our office in Mitte from Monday, January 1st. Please don’t forget to bring picture I.D.

Subsidies will be transferred around mid-January. It’s not possible to give a more concrete date, as several departments of the university are involved in the process. However, we try to get the subsidies transfered as fast as possible.

Please check if the account information on your notifications is correct (BIC is not necessary for German accounts, so if that is missing, don’t worry). If there are any mistakes, please let us know asap, ideally via e-mail.The next application period begins on January 1st.