How Do We Calculate

Last modified on 19. September 2013

The applications are calculated on the statute of the social fund from where the following structure derives.


Here we calculate your need. The basic need is 475€. Depending on the data supplied by you we add rent, health insurance, medical and additional costs. On top of that there are allowances if you finance the live of other people in your household, are from abroad, impaired or chronically ill. Additionally we can add debts, although only up to 30% of your income. But actually paid debt rates are fully recognized.


By income we mean the money with wich you pay your expsenses. No matter if wage, BAFöG, students subsidies, Wohngeld, unemployement or other social benefits, money from your family or savings; whatever you declare (and prove) will be recognized.

Points from the relationship between income and need:

For every inchoate 17€ your need is above your income you will get one point.

Points for hardships:

For every declared, proven and accepted hardship you will get 5 points.

Money for points:

The social fund collects gets its means every semester from a small part of the Studierendenbeitrag of all students. And every half year we give almost all of these means (90% in winter semester and 95% in summer semester) to those who applied for a subsidy by allocating them to the points of all applicants. So we need to calculate all applications every semester anew before we know a single point’s worth in Euro. Hence it takes a while until you receive your notifications. This also explains why you might get different amounts of subsidy every semester although you declared the same costs, needs and hardships.