Last modified on 1. August 2022

Basic info

What to do if you lost your semester ticket.

Exemptions and refunds

Additional ticket for Brandenburg (outside zone ABC)

Semester ticket contract and prices

What to do in case of ticket controls

If you can’t show ID during a ticket control you will be treated as if you had no ticket.
Since the introduction of the campus card, you don’t need an additional ID, if your photo is printed onto your campus card.

These are the possibilities during a ticket control:

You do not carry your Semesterticket with you. But you have a valid ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.):

  • the ticket controllers will ask you to pay 60,-€ „Erhöhtes Beförderungsentgelt”.
  • if you can present your Semesterticket within 7 calendar days to the „feststellendes Verkehrsunternehmen” (usually the BVG) your „Erhöhtes Beförderungsentgelt” will be reduced to 7,- € (§ 9-3 Bef.Bed.).

You carry your valid Semesterticket with you (without a photo on it) but no official photo ID:

  • the controllers will ask you to pay 60,- € „Erhöhtes Beförderungsentgelt”.