Supporting Documents

Last modified on 5. November 2013

Please do not turn in any original supporting documents to us. Simple Copies are acceptable evidence.

If possible, the supporting documents should contain only the minimum information necessary for the application. We have neither need nor desire to receive the data of uninvolved third persons and non-relevant bank account transactions.

In general, we can accept supporting evidence from applications submitted previously, as long as the numbers to be calculated or the details of the situation have not changed. If the financial sums are the same every month, then a single representative supporting document from the calculation period will be acceptable.

Copies of bank transactions are sufficient evidence for all kinds of income and expenses (including bank overdraft charges). Except for the relevant transactions, all entries on bank transaction statements may be blacked out. Sensitive documents, such as passports or doctors’ written statements, may simply be presented in person to us in the Semester Ticket Office.