End of the Application Period

The application period (including a two week grace period) ended on march 14th, 2018.

From now on we only accept applications in case of the following exceptions:

  • If you are newly enrolled in SoSe 18 (e.g. students in the first semester at Humboldt or first semester Master) please apply within six weeks after your enrolment. If that is the case, please mark “I was newly matriculated…” on the application form
  • If you could not apply in the application period for reasons that you are not responsible for (e.g. due to illness etc.). Please add a short explanation of the situation to your application and if possible provide proof (e.g. doctor’s statement).

If you are unsure if one of the above applies to you or if/how you can prove either please do contact us personally or per telephone during our opening hours.

Late applications without any information about the reasons for the delay will be sent back.

Semesterticket vote

From November 7th – 9th 2017 there will be a vote to continue the semester ticket for the next three semesters. You will be able to vote whether you want to keep the ticket for the current price (193,80€ per semester) until summer semester 2019 or not keep it under these conditions (which might mean there won’t be a semester ticket at all).

If you’re matriculated at HU Berlin, you may vote in the following places between November 7th-9th:

  • Mensa Nord: 10:30-17 Uhr
  • Adlershof: 10:30-17 Uhr
  • Grimm-Zentrum: 10-18 Uhr
  • Audimax (Mitte Süd): 9:30-18 Uhr

Please bring a picture I.D. and your student I.D.

Application Period WiSe 17/18 starting June 1st

The new application period has begun and you can find the new forms here or at our office.

The application period ends July 31, with an extension of two weeks (August 14). If you make use of the extension, please try to include all the necessary supporting documents. Students newly matriculated at HU/KHB may apply in the first six weeks following matriculation.

Campus card / Missing Semestertickets

Recently we’ve been receiving complaints from people who didn’t get their semester tickets. Aside from the usual problems (getting lost in the mail etc.) the problem might be that you have been chosen to test the campus card that is set to replace the paper tickets and needs to be picked up from one of the machines on campus. Apparently some people only received this information via Agnes, so if you haven’t gotten your ticket, you might want to check there.

Otherwise please contact the matriculation office/ Studierendenservicecenter, as they are responsible for sending out the documents.