Cash desk closed on wednesday

For everyone who wants to get their money from the subsidy: The cash desk from the HU is closed on wednesday, 29th of june!

Next possible date to get your money is friday, 1st of july, from 9 to 12 am. Our office hours remain the same: On wednesday from 12 am to 7 pm and on friday from 12 am to 3:30 pm.

Best regards,

your semtix

notification letters and your money

the notification letters for applications for the sose16 habe been delivered to the post-service today. you should receive your letters within the next days. if your application was still incomplete until yesterday you will possibly need to wait until all documents are here and processed.

if you chose in your application to receive the subsidy in cash you may pick up the necessary documents starting wednesday, 22 june in our office in mitte (please bring an official ID).

the the bank transfer of the subsidies should happen until mid of july. we cannot offer a more precise date now because several departments of the university are involved in this process. we try what we can do to speed up the process.
please check the notification letters if we have copied your bank informations correctly (for german bank acccounts a BIC is not necessary). please let us know as soon a possible (e.g. via email) if there are any errors.

short office-hours today

because our team was busy printing the notification letters until late last nicght our capacities are very limited today.
therefore we are sorry that we can only guarantee short office hours until 1 p.m.

Applications for winter semester 16/17

The new application period has begun and you can find the new forms here or at our office.

The application period ends July 31, with an extension of two weeks (August 14). If you make use of the extension, please try to include all the necessary supporting documents. Students newly matriculated at HU/KHB may apply in the first six weeks following matriculation.

Construction work at UL6

The corridor leading to the Studierenden-Service-Center is currently (summer semester 2016) closed due to construction. However, the way to our office stays open and you can reach us and our mailbox as usual.

Problems with our telephones

We are currently experiencing technical problems with our telephones. Unfortunately, this means we cannot answer calls at the moment. Please come to our office or write us an e-mail instead! We would like to apologise for the inconvenience.

Further information on this issue will be made available here as soon as we can.

End of application period

The regular application period for summer semester 2016 ended on February 29th, 2016. However, you may still send in applications during a two-week grace period, until March 14th, 2016. In this case please make sure the application is as complete as possible (i.e. includes all necessary proofs).

From March 15th we will only accept applications in case of the following exceptions:

*If you are newly enrolled in summer semester 2016 (e.g. students in the first semester at Humboldt, including first semester of M.A. if you were previously enrolled) please apply within six weeks after your enrolment.

*In case of reasons that you are not responsible for (e.g. due to illness etc.). Sometimes it is necessary to enclose a proof with your application (e.g. doctor’s statement).

If you are unsure if one of the above applies to you or if/how you can prove either please do contact us personally or via telephone during our opening hours.
Late applications without any information about the reasons for the delay will be sent back.