New Application Period

The new application-period has startet on January, 1st and ends on Febuary, 29th.

You can obtain the necessary Forms in our office in Mitte or Adlershof or you can download them here.

If this is your first application or if you have any questions please feel invited call us or to come to our office during office hours.

Job advertisement: Student Sysadmin

We are looking for a new student sysadmin. The Job starts on the 15.11.2015 respectively the 15.10.2015 (paid on-the-job-training). The employment is for two years and has a workload of 70 hours per month, paid accordingly to the Tarifvertrag für studentische Hilfskräfte II (10,98 € per hour).

All details are in the job advertisement. If you have any question just ask us.

We would like to especially encourage the following people to apply:

  • Migrants* with or without a German passport
  • Women
  • LGBT*I*
  • People with disabilities or chronic diseases
  • People who are taking care of children or relatives
  • Everyone, who has to pay their subsistence themselves.

The application deadline is on the 20.09.2015. The job interview will probably happen  on the 06.10.2015.

Ballot about the Ticket

Since March 2014 your elected student representatives are negotiating with the public transport companies of Berlin and Brandenburg (Verkehrsbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg—VBB) about the new agreement regarding the ticket from summer semester 2015 onwards. You will have the final say about in a ballot. Read more in German.

new application period

dear students,

since the first day of june 2013 you can send us your filled out application form, whether in person or by mail, post, fax, horse messenger. just don’t forget about the end of this application period on the 30th of june.

we’ll also be offering new opening hours:
mo, fr: 12:00-15:30
we: 12:00-19:00

th (in adlershof): 11:45-15:00


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End of Deadline

Since the 14th of March there is no longer a deadline.
We will no longer accept any Applications except:
– you were only currently immatriculated
– you had (provably) no possibility to file your application in the requested period + deadline

The application period is an important tool for us, for being able to finish our
calculations in a restricted timeframe.

P.S. If you haven’t received your ticket yet, please do complain at the Immatrikulationsbüro

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End of application period/extended deadline

On the 1st of March 2013 came the official application period to an end.
But there is hope in the form of an extended deadline for striving-to-be-complete
applications until the 14th of March.

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