Delay of decision letters

We are sorry to inform you, that the decision letters regarding subsidiaries from the social funds are going to be delayed this year. This happened due to the personnel policy of HU during the last year and and a currently high sick leave in our team. We hope to send out the letters next week Thursday, 17th Jan 2019.

Information about the pay out of the subsidiaries will follow.

End of the Application Period

The application period (including a two week grace period) ended on August 14th, 2018.

From now on we only accept applications in case of the following exceptions:

  • If you are newly enrolled in WiSe 18/19 (e.g. students in the first semester at Humboldt or first semester Master) please apply within six weeks after your enrolment. If that is the case, please mark “I was newly matriculated…” on the application form.
  • If you could not apply in the application period for reasons that you are not responsible for (e.g. due to illness etc.). Please add a short explanation of the situation to your application and if possible provide proof (e.g. doctor’s statement).

If you are unsure if one of the above applies to you or if/how you can prove either please do contact us personally or per telephone during our opening hours.

Late applications without any information about the reasons for the delay will be sent back.

Job advertisement: Student Sysadmin

We are looking for a new student sysadmin. The Job starts on the 15.11.2015 respectively the 15.10.2015 (paid on-the-job-training). The employment is for two years and has a workload of 70 hours per month, paid accordingly to the Tarifvertrag für studentische Hilfskräfte II (10,98 € per hour).

All details are in the job advertisement. If you have any question just ask us.

We would like to especially encourage the following people to apply:

  • Migrants* with or without a German passport
  • Women
  • LGBT*I*
  • People with disabilities or chronic diseases
  • People who are taking care of children or relatives
  • Everyone, who has to pay their subsistence themselves.

The application deadline is on the 20.09.2015. The job interview will probably happen  on the 06.10.2015.

Ballot about the Ticket

Since March 2014 your elected student representatives are negotiating with the public transport companies of Berlin and Brandenburg (Verkehrsbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg—VBB) about the new agreement regarding the ticket from summer semester 2015 onwards. You will have the final say about in a ballot. Read more in German.