Subsidies WiSe 19/20 and applications for SoSe 20

1.Due to technical problems the transfer of the winter semester subsidies has been delayed a little, but if everything goes according to plan from now on, you should receive your subsidies within the next 1-2 weeks. Applications that have been accepted after the regular application period (e.g. newly matriculated students) will be processed within the next month or so and you will receive individual notifications once your application is complete. For the KHB we’re still waiting for crucial information from their financial department, without which we can’t send out the notifications or payments – please be patient a little longer.

2.The application period for summer semester 2020 has begun and will run until 29.2.2020, with a grace period until 14.3. You can find the current application forms by our office and they will also be uploaded to the website soon (unfortunately there have also been unresolved technical issues here) – please check back later this month or pick up a form from the office.