notification letters and your money

the notification letters for applications for the sose16 habe been delivered to the post-service today. you should receive your letters within the next days. if your application was still incomplete until yesterday you will possibly need to wait until all documents are here and processed.

if you chose in your application to receive the subsidy in cash you may pick up the necessary documents starting wednesday, 22 june in our office in mitte (please bring an official ID).

the the bank transfer of the subsidies should happen until mid of july. we cannot offer a more precise date now because several departments of the university are involved in this process. we try what we can do to speed up the process.
please check the notification letters if we have copied your bank informations correctly (for german bank acccounts a BIC is not necessary). please let us know as soon a possible (e.g. via email) if there are any errors.