HU winter semester 21/22 notifications are on the way

We did it, the notifications for winter semester 21/22 applications at HU will be sent out this week!
You should receive them until the end of the week (or possible next week, in case the mailservice takes a little longer). Please watch out for your mail and inform us in case you bank details have changed since your application!

Important note:
There was a technical problem while printing the notifications, so that some of them state that the subsidies would probably be payed out in August 2021. While we are good, unfortunately we still haven’t figured out time traveling yet. Sorry about that.
The payout of the subsidies for winter semester 2021/22 will probably be in March 2022!

(We’ll post another update once the payout is done.
Please refrain from inquiries about the status of the payout until then!)