Brandenburg additional ticket

Last modified on 1. August 2022

Brandenburg Zusatzticket

additional ticket for Brandenburg

Students who have their main residence in Brandenburg outside the Berlin ABC zone may buy an additional ticket, called „Zusatzticket zum Semesterticket“.
The price for said ticket is 158,40€ in the winter semester 2022/23. (Afterwards, it’ll probably be 162,60€.)

* The ticket is voluntary. Unlike the regular Semesterticket, you do
not have to buy it, if you do not want it.

* It is only valid together with your Semesterticket

* You may only buy it if you can prove that your main place of
residence is outside the ABC-zone.

* It is valid during the same time as your Semesterticket.

* As of winter semester 2018/19 it is valid for unlimited travel within the VBB area.

* You may use all modes of transportation offered by the VBB.

* You may not – unlike with the Semesterticket – take your bike with you.

Further information:

* The additional ticket has to be purchased seperately through the
subscription-system of the Deutsche Bahn

* If you lose the ticket (or it becomes unusable in any other way),
you have to pay 15 Euro for a replacement.

The Zusatzticket zum Semesterticket is exclusively issued by Deutsche Bahn.

If you want to buy it, you have to fill out an application form. You can download the form here (link subject to change, unfortunately we are not automatically told about it). Alternatively you can get the form at the Abo-Center (subscription-centre) of Deutsche Bahn.

The filled in application has to be send to or via fax to (030) 29 73 70 07

or can be handed in at any Deutsche Bahn service center.

You have to include a proof that your place of residence is outside the ABC-zone. Possible proofs include: the photocopied backside of a german Personalausweis, or a copy of your Meldebestätigung.

The Abo-Center will mail you the ticket shortly after payment.