Student counceling

Under the heading ‘Student_innen beraten Student_innen’ (Students advise students), the student body and the university offer you a counselling service to help you with some of the worries of everyday student life.


Since the social counselling system was set up in 1994, the concept of students advising other students on how to deal with questions and problems has proven its worth. At the Student Social Counselling Service, you can talk to students who know student life and any problems that arise well from their own experience, who have also acquired a great deal of expertise in social law matters and who know the university structures inside out.


They have enough time to listen to your problems in a friendly atmosphere and to have a longer conversation with you; you can tell them about your worries without hesitation. The counsellors will help you, advise you on how to deal with formalities and, if necessary, will even accompany you when you go to the authorities. If the problems are even too big, our lawyers can help you clarify legal matters. They are available to answer your questions free of charge on Wednesday evenings in the counselling rooms in the main building.


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