RefRat Projects

Child Care Center (Kinderladen) "Die Humbolde"

Address: Monbijoustraße 3, 10117 Berlin
Phone: (030) 2093-1984
Hours: Monday through Friday 16:00 - 21:00 (during term)

The Child Care Center (Kinderladen) "Die Humbolde" provides child care outside of "normal" opening hours of day-care centers. The Center is closed during semester breaks and re-opens two weeks before term.

Media Room of the RefRat

Address: Monbijoustraße 3, 10117 Berlin
Phone: (030) 2093 - 1756
Hours (new!): Tuesday 11:00 - 17:00 and Thursday 12:00 to 18:00

The media room is used to create student publications, posters etc. from concept to prepress. The technical advice includes scanner, digital camera, two G3 Macs and a Windows PC with appropriate image processor, desktop publishing and web applications (e.g. Photoshop, Pagemaker, Dreamweaver, Fireworks) and a setter for print films. The media room is managed by the Publications Unit.

Projects with Support of the Student Body

Bicycle Repair Workshop "Die hubSCHRAUBER"

Adress: Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7, Innenhof
Phone: (030) 2093-4169
Hours: Irregular during semester break

The bike repair workshop provides help for the self maintenance and repair of bicycles. Usual materials (screws, cables etc.) are delivered at cost, donations are also very welcome. The bike repair workshop works independently (and voluntarily!) and is currently funded entirely by donations.

HumboldtInitiative - Initiativenkeller

Adress: University main building, basement of the east wing
Telefon: (030) 2093-2305
Hours: Thursdays at 19.00 or by appointment

The Initiativenkeller is currently managed and expanded by students. There is a video editing room and a small recording studio.

Cinema Club

Adress: Contakt c/o Referent_innenrat
Phone: (030) 2093-2603/2614 (RefRat office)
Presentations: Tuesday (cinema) and Thursday (main auditorium) at 20:00

The student cinema club organizes film presentations with the most upscale cultural demands, but also shows "blockbuster" movies. It is furnished by the student parliament with a performance guarantee, which has up to now not been required.


Adress: Contakt c/o Referent_innenrat
Phone: (030) 2093-2603/2614 (RefRat office)
Hours: Tuesday 16:00, SBZ Krähenfuß (during term)
Plenary assembly: Tuesday every 14 days 18:00, SBZ Krähenfuß (during term)

The LesBiSchwulTransQueer (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, queer) group mutvilla: In mutvilla everyone is welcome, irrespective of whether they are LesBiSchwulTransQueer or of any other polymorphic perverse. Whether for a chat and cup of coffee, as well as for subversive political activities. As an autonomous group without bureaucratic structures mutvilla provides an action platform for those who (in whatever form) want to do something. Mutvilla is open to all new people (including gay heterosexuals that have already come out) with new ideas and a desire to get involved. (shortened from the exposition)

Self-managed Projects with Ideal Support of the Student Body

SBZ Krähenfuß

Adress: University main building (rear east wing)
Phone: (030) 2093-2603/2614 (RefRat office)
Hours: Monday through Friday, 12:00-18:00 Uhr (during term)
Plenary assembly: Monday 18:00

The Student Encounter Centre (SBZ) managed by the Krähenfuß (crowfoot) collective with up-to-date political and ecological information, as well as fair trade and organic coffee and tea. This group provides a space for student events and projects, for political activities from protests to parties, exhibitions, readings, cabarets, films, etc. Activists who desire to take part are welcome.


SBZ Motorenprüfstand

Adress: Old engine test stand, Newtonstraße 16, 12489 Berlin (Adlershof)
Phone: (030) 2093-9900
Hours: Monday through Friday, 09:00-17:00 Uhr (during term)
Plenary assembly: Monday 17:00

The Student Encounter Centre (SBZ) called "Engine Test Stand" is a self-administered student project building with a café operating in the old sound-insulated engine test stand in the middle of the Aerodynamic Park on the Campus Adlershof. You can drink organically grown and fair trade coffee or tea, listen to music or just relax. We are not a commercial operating cafe, so we are offering all drinks for a small donation.

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