Adviser(s): Daniela Rohrlack, Marie Kaufmann, Micha Sube
Office hours: Tue 11h30 - 15h30 and by appointment

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The financial department

The financial department is a core unit responsible for the financial needs of HU’s students. The work achieved by this unit are diverse and deal with planning, implementation and monitoring of the StuPa (Student ́s Parliament) budget, the staff of the student's Social Advice Office, the insurance of student properties and the management of constantly updated inventory lists of the student body. Since January 2003, the financial department is responsible for the financial accounting of the semester ticket office.

The following is a brief overview of the various areas of responsibility.
In the fall of each year the financial department creates a new budget for the coming year of the Student Body. This must be decided by StuPa and is the basis of our work. This establishes things such as how the Student Body spends money, especially for larger projects (Humboldt initiative, Huch, inconspicuous, cinema club...).
We oversee the implementation and compliance with the decisions made. At the end of each year we must complete the financial statements, which are then reviewed by StuPa, the Financial Department of the HU, accountants and the National Audit Office.

Financial accounting:
Whenever the StuPa, the RefRat or a student advice office decides to spend money on student activities, we collect the settlement documents, so the people that borrowed money or made calculations can also have them. We must above all ensure that the funds assigned to students are used in accordance to statutory purposes and economic efficiency is maintained.

Student Offices Body Financement:
After the I StuPa in 1993 decided that one third of the students' contributions should be made available to the work of these bodies, it was defined that we are responsible for ensuring that the student advice office receive their finances accurately and on time and that bills are paid quickly. We all work voluntarily to help the student’s advice financial managers to wade through the jungle of formalities.

→Alterations to the Student Body ́s Finances:

The deadline for account reports theft is 7 days. Envelopes with such documents should be guaranteed with an entry stamp (or by hand with the date of receipt), confirming the correctness of your signature. This scheme aims to avoid overdue fines. You should additionally pay attention to discount periods. Theft reports must be delivered to the police and health insurance as soon as possible, since there a time limit applies to them too. You will encounter less stress, of course, if you - when possible – declare the money and only buy major purchases on the account. And if you don’t allow anything to be stolen!

The deadline for late account reports is 4 weeks. A late account report occurs when you make a submission and we determine that it is incomplete or is not workable. Then we will send you an email explaining that you will have to file a subsequent document at a later point.

Please indicate whether you require an insurance certificate when making an insurance application for an event. Then we will either send or fax them to you as soon as we get them.

If you obtain anything from a third party and you receive a user agreement, give them to us. Only when we have the said user agreement are we then able to include the items on the inventory. You can only be insured once these items are inventoried.

We face the challenges of the 21st Century: price trends are making it increasingly obsolete to put TFT monitors that require particular attention to the test. If you want to buy a TFT monitor, which is in the general price range for monitors (up to 250 €), that will require no further substantiation. The other schemes will continue to be sustained (cost estimates, amortization periods).

We have the list of financial stocks, available to the student boards. Here is the current list (new titles are in italics):

51 101 Business Requirements
51 120 books and magazines
51 140 Equipment and furnishings
51 143 equipment IUK Technology
51 432 film and photo material
51 802 rentals for vehicles
51 803 rentals for machinery and equipment
53 101 publications and documentation
54 053 events
54 601 Other expenses for IUK-Technology

51 432 film and photo material
This title is designed for larger amounts. If you need to develop a film with photos of your last FS-ride for a Student publication, you can cooperate with the accounts of the other business necessities.
51 802 vehicle rental
What applies here of course is the target of thriftiness and economic efficiency. I.e. It does not concern itself with the rental of luxury sedans. The reality simply is that trains are no longer always the cheapest way to get from A to B. You should always try to contact the Uni-Fuhrpark or your faculty on time, as to whether you will be obtaining a car there. (A new travel cost policy will soon be accomplished.)
54 601 Further expenses for technology-IUK
Softwares and any repair to IUK and equipment i.e. on computers are included under this section.

Further information about general book topics:
The purpose of the title is not to compensate for the shortcomings of books and magazines of your branch libraries. The student body’s finances consist of the amounts paid by every student with the pay certificate and are meant to finance student needs and not to increase the university budget. You can of course buy books to do with your student faculty, but if the faculty buys five copies of "Basic furniture purchases" we cannot cover the cost.

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