We are a critical human rights organization for the African critical Dispora and critical people in Germany.

We are engaged in study, research and practice of critical human rights and wrongs with the following, non exhaustive, list of focus points:

  • People and State injustices
  • Denial of the Other as equal Human Being
  • Persecution
  • International Human Rights
  • Intolerance
  • Racial discrimination and other forms of discrimination
  • Law and decolonization
  • Politics
  • Geography and History
  • Xenophobia and Neofascim
For this purpose we organize seminars, workshops, events and reading circles. We organize public exchange programs with groups and collectives as well as info cafes these topics. We offer in the areas mentioned above expert advice as well as articles and books from us and our colleagues on these topics

Our team conducts philosophical and other theoretical critical analysis of human rights and implements their legal practice on national and international level.